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Why Coaching?

Executive leadership coaching brings many diverse benefits including enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, increased confidence and new perspectives on personal challenges.

Why Coach Your Leaders?

  • Top performers are eager for meaningful, attributed organizational feedback from key stakeholders.
  • It provides a structured amount of time where the focus is on the participant’s agenda; their belief system, strategic goals, life balance issues, engaging constituents and more.
  • Coaches become advocates, creating a safe place where they can spark what longs to come forth in the context of the participant’s work and personal environment.
  • Executives accept that having fears and doubts is part of the human experience – everyone, even others with greater power, financial resources or influence, have them.

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"I've recommended Break Through Consulting to a number of personal and professional contacts, as a premier partner in gaining self-awareness, unlocking potential, and breaking down barriers to success."

Crystal J. Lee – Director Synchronized Business Planning, Cummins Inc.

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