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Multi-Billion Dollar International Scientific Services Company

Support and develop a Technical Leader to take on Vice President of Sales and General Manager responsibilities

Business Challenge

  • Brilliant Technical Leader is assigned a global leadership position in a troubled business unit.
  • Challenged to lead global sales and inspire a business unit that experienced 5 years of economic fade.
  • Senior leadership requests coaching to support this newly promoted leader to develop into his new role.

Break Through Process:

Aspirations: What is most important to you right now?

  • Explore how he might reinvent himself as a stronger leader while still remaining authentic to what was important to him personally.
  • Evolve executive’s technical communication style to meet standards of his new audience: Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team and Executive Sales Team.
  • Develop leadership skills to create greater collaboration and consensus amongst varied stakeholders.

Awareness: How do others in the organization see you?

  • Discovered that others believed his technical brilliance and ability to synthesize information could produce the answer to the economic fade, however his communication style could de-rail his success.
  • Realized that he needed to fully understand the perspective of the person(s) being addressed to effectively communicate his vision and inspire execution.
  • Recognized that his unique subject matter expertise was highly valued by the company and needed to be leveraged at every opportunity as a means to build consensus.
  • Acknowledged that the old leadership behaviors that had taken the sales leader this far had met their limits. Additional leadership behaviors were necessary to take him forward.

Action Plan: What goals inspire and ignite you to action?

  • Supported the sales leader in developing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills - listening, questioning and adapting one's style.
  • Assisted in creating concise and actionable presentations, monthly newsletter and other communications that distilled his brilliant business models.
  • Identified that the sales leader personally valued execution over collaboration and interpersonal relationships. Shifted this focus to the interpersonal allowing him to “do” less, by gaining more support from others.
  • Gained understanding of multiple stakeholders' points of view and the ability to integrate this with business facts to move the organization forward.

Assess Results: How has your vision become reality?

  • CEO recognized that during the tenure of coaching this sales leader moved his business unit from 5 years of fade, to profitability.
  • CEO further recognized that "coaching contributed to the business unit exceeding goal by $30 million in revenue."
  • Business Unit President stated that, “Coaching helped improve customer satisfaction, and improvements in customer relationships set the business up for even bigger long-term gains."
  • Sr. Vice President of Human Resources stated that, "Coaching supported a marked improvement in the efficiency of the team including increased productivity and improved morale."
  • Increased effectiveness in communicating change initiatives led to superior execution of business plan.

"I worked with Break Through Consulting to design an onboarding program for our experienced hires at Tyco. The pilot program has produced both qualitative and quantitative results that indicate a strong return on investment. I am thrilled!"

Maureen Nash - Director Organization Development, Tyco Flow Control

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