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Why Coaching?

Executive leadership coaching brings many diverse benefits including enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, increased confidence navigating ambiguity and new perspectives on personal challenges.

Why Coach Your Leaders?

  • Top performers are eager for meaningful, attributed organizational feedback from key stakeholders.
  • Executives rarely take time for themselves to think strategically about their careers, business challenges, life balance issues and long-term visioning. Coaching ensures this structured time.
  • Coaching supports awareness of conscious and unconscious bias, creating more inclusive organizations and giving leaders the power to harness the company’s collective strength.
  • Coaches become advocates, creating a safe and confidential space to explore what has been unseen in the context of the leader’s work and personal circumstances.
  • Coached leaders increase their team’s engagement and results by creating an environment in which their team’s personal and professional aspirations are a priority.
  • Participants consistently report that coaching increased their engagement, improved their self-awareness and gave them a greater sense of calm.

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"Merry was brilliant in never judging, always advocating. This allowed me to open up more in my dialog with her. It’s a technique I am now working to implement with my own team"

Casey Wells - Managing Director, Accenture

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