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What would be possible if your days and nights were aligned with what was most important to you?

Break Through Consulting’s personalized coaching is less about changing participants and more about supporting them in making more conscious choices and seeing business challenges with new eyes. We like to say, “We coach the whole human being.”

Founder & CEO Merry Marcus and her team have consistently demonstrated their ability to contribute to the professional development of leaders, improve employee engagement and contribute to achieving business growth objectives.

We help executives:

  • Develop self-awareness of their behavior patterns and passions
  • Cultivate awareness of how others perceive them
  • Capitalize on their leadership strengths and bridge gaps
  • Embrace differing points of view
  • Acquire new leadership strategies and tactics and take them into action
  • Deliver and surpass their organization’s business goals

Break Through Consulting also offers specialized services geared to onboarding newly hired and newly promoted executives, coaching women leaders and diversity coaching. Let us know how we can help you meet your objectives.

"I worked with Break Through Consulting to design an onboarding program for our experienced hires at Tyco. The pilot program has produced both qualitative and quantitative results that indicate a strong return on investment. I am thrilled!"

Maureen Nash - Director Organization Development, Tyco Flow Control

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