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Our value proposition delivers a “two for one” return: for the same investment, client companies get both a leader who is healthier, more authentic and self-aware, as well as one who is more innovative and agile – accelerating business results.

Break Through Consulting’s clients see us as a trusted partner who delivers business results by helping the organizations’ most critical talent feel and perform better. Many client companies have engaged us as their coaching partner for over 10 years. See what our clients say. We create strong and enduring relationships because we coach in the context of your organization’s culture, goals and challenges.

Personalized Coaching

Our Conscious Coaching© Process is designed to create a deep rapport with participants and bring their humanity to the forefront. Using both a public and private agenda, our coaching delivers differentiated business results and maximum benefit for the time invested by both the participant and the client company.

Surpassing Expectations

Our coaches will help your executives enhance their strategic thinking and storytelling skills, increase stakeholder engagement and become more iconic leaders. Clients say that Break Through consistently exceeds their expectations. Recent participants noted they feel “better equipped to handle crisis,” and report that coaching was “a profound experience…on both a personal and professional level” providing a “nervous system reboot.”

Learn more about the impact we could have on your organization – read our client reviews.

"I worked with Break Through Consulting to design an onboarding program for our experienced hires at Tyco. The pilot program has produced both qualitative and quantitative results that indicate a strong return on investment. I am thrilled!"

Maureen Nash - Director Organization Development, Tyco Flow Control

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