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Our process is designed to deliver sustainable value. Clients consistently report that Break Through coaching drives tangible business results as well as transformation in behaviors and thinking. We have been coaching C-Suite executives remotely using our proven, proprietary methodology for over 15 years.

Break Through Coaching Process

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Conscious Coaching© Process

Our process is unique in the coaching industry and proven to increase value through accelerated forward action.

1. First, coaches build trust by listening to what is of most value to the participant and client company.
2. Then stakeholder involvement shapes the coaching focus and helps the participant “see” and “be seen” with new eyes.
3. Our strengths-based coaching then supports leaders with powerful strategies and tactics to employ when faced with a flood of new challenges.
4. Finally, our proprietary Results Debrief showcases and produces agreement on the results of coaching among key stakeholders. It allows for a differentiated conversation that creates alignment between boss, participant and coach on the go-forward strategy.

The Conscious Coaching© Process creates measurable change that cascades out through the executive’s organization, their company and into their community. Participants learn to create a coaching culture on their teams, multiplying the value of each coaching engagement to make a greater impact on the company and their broader world.

"Break Through had a huge impact. Coaching supported me and my team in turning around the Communications division, preserving 200 jobs and saving the company $1 million a month."

Susan Kuchta - Vice President & General Manager, Flint Group

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