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$12 Billion Global Management Consulting & Outsourcing Services Company

Support and develop HR Executive faced with a Stretch Assignment in a complex, rapidly changing environment

Business Challenge

  • World leader in management consulting and outsourcing services is challenged to meet market scrutiny in preparation for an Initial Public Offering.
  • Highly respected Associate HR Partner is chosen and assigned task of reinventing global human resource systems to align with transition from private to public company.

Break Through Consulting Conscious Coaching Process:

Aspirations: What is most important to you right now?

  • Strong collaboration with senior level partners to create consensus for this massive organizational shift.
  • Acquire the new skills and tactics needed to gain support for this large-scale change during tough economic times.

Awareness: How do others in the organization see you?

  • Discovered that this HR Executive was valued for consensus building and collaboration. However the culture more highly valued decisiveness, action-oriented communications and quick execution.
  • Recognized that to be more authentic, he had to leverage his strength in collaboration and consensus building by increasing his visibility, speaking out more often and adopting more concise business language.
  • Realized that his unique subject matter expertise was highly valued by the company

Action Plan: What goals inspire and ignite you to action?

  • Leverage existing strengths in consensus building to drive new and different ideas.
  • Maximize relationships to build political backing for change initiatives in advance.
  • Accept that as a content expert within the company, HR executive was indeed qualified to “play” with global leadership.
  • Step up meeting preparedness so executive could participate and communicate (in clear and concise business language) his point of view.

Assess Results: How has your vision become reality?

  • During coaching, HR Executive successfully created a shared services business model that streamlined and consolidated operations and reporting requirements.
  • In creating the model, the Executive saved the company $968,000 annually with no deterioration in service satisfaction.
  • Managing Partner recognized HR executive for increased participation and communication in meetings.
  • HR Executive reported being more confident, engaged and better able to deliver.
  • HR Executive achieved goal to extend his influence through a wider network by delivering the same level of intensity, passion and authenticity to his volunteer organization.
  • HR Executive recognized by senior leadership “for developing and implementing compelling programs, managing people related issues, and delivering excellent service levels at the right cost.”

"Coaching with Break Through Consulting supports our bold growth agenda in Canada - driving our top performers to even better results and increasing retention of key players."

William F. Morris - Senior Managing Director & President, Accenture Canada

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